Customer Service


Customer service desks locations:

  • Desk 1: Level 0 – Central Galleria

Visitors to the Mall can make use of these services by contacting any of the two customer-service desks

Wheelchairs are available free of charge at all the Customer Service Desks, based on availability.

Mobile Phone Battery Recharging
Mobile phone battery charging is available at the customer service desks for certain brands only

Lost & Found Assistance
For assistance, go to any of the Customer Service Desks across the mall.

Gift Cards 
Sold at customer service desks located on Level 0 and Level 2.

Tax Free Service
to do Tax Free, go to any of the Customer Service Desks across the mall.

Mall Guide (Mall Map)
Mall guides listing all stores and services in the Mall are offered to our customers, These are available at Customer Service Desks.

*Other available services in the mall:

Baby Changing Facilities
These facilities are available in all our washroom areas.

Family Room 
Available in Level 2 near the food court, including small kids play area, 2 Baby changing rooms also comfortable seating areas for mothers seeking to feed their babies.

Car Wash Service
Car wash services are available on all parking levels for a set fee.

Courier Services
Services are available through Liban Post, which is located on the ground level near Carrefour.

Mall Directory
Mall directories are located in each major entrance as well as throughout the Mall.

Prayer Rooms for Men & Women
There are a prayer rooms located on the 4th level , you can have access to the prayer room by using the elevator on Centrepoint side .

Valet Parking
Valet parking service is available at the Main Entrance.

Persons with Disabilities parking
there are designated parking spots for persons with disabilities located close to parking escalators and elevators.

ATM Machines
ATM machines are available throughout the mall distributed as following:

  • BLF Bank : P1 section E escalator entrance
  • Byblos , Fransabank : Level 0 near Carrefour
  • BLF , Bank Audi : Level 1 near Carrefour
  • Blom Bank : Level 2 near the Food Court
  • Credit Bank : Terrace near VOX Cinemas


Wi-Fi service throughout the mall

Simply connect to “Mall Connect” and fill in your details to receive password by SMS.

Public Telephones

6 Public Telephones available throughout the mall , distributed as below :

  • 2 Telephones: Level 0 Carrefour side
  • 2 Telephones: Level 1 Carrefour side
  • 2 Telephones: Level 2 Marks & Spencer side