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Parking Information


Parking Information
City Centre Beirut parking is divided into 2 sections: Indoor and outdoor parking.

Indoor Parking:

  • 3 Levels: P1, P2, P3
  • Total parking lots: 1800
  • 3 Entrances: 2 from Mount Lebanon Hospital side and one from Hazmiyeh Side
  • 3 Exits
  • Line sensors identifying the available free car lots
  • Handicap parking lots
  • Fuel efficient vehicle only parking lots
  • Handicap mall access
  • Fees : 0– 3 hours : 2,000 LBP| 3-6 hours :2,000 LBP | Additional 1,000 LBP for every extra hour.

Outdoor Parking:

  • Facing the main entrance of the mall
  • Around 400 car lots
  • Fees : 3,000 LBP ( Flat rate )

Valet Parking:

  • Operational Hours - Mall's operational hours
  • Fees : 7,000 LBP

Car Wash service:
Car wash service is provided by Geowash car cleaning Company; Geowash representatives are available in all the parking floors in the indoor parking. Prices vary between 10,000 L.L and 15,000L.L subject to the car size and type of service (normal cleaning, engine cleaning etc.…)