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City Centre Beirut creates Great Moments for Yara and Adel Karam

The Arab viewer couldn’t have asked for a more fulfilling dose of romance than that embodied in Yara’s newest Music Clip.


The Arab viewer couldn’t have asked for a more fulfilling dose of romance than that embodied in Yara’s newest Music Clip. Although the song is entitled, “Ma Baaref” translating to “I don’t know”, Yara and her co-star Adel Karam in addition to the director Nasser Al Faqih, were well aware of the fact that their collaboration would have a creative and original outcome; a novelty to the music scene.

 In fact, rumors have recently circled around Yara and Adel being a couple in real life, and this was the inspiration of the clip, which brought them together in front of a camera to live this imaginary love story. Yara appears as her real life character, while Adel takes the part of a guitarist. Their love story, which ends in their marriage, is told through a romantic and dreamy storyline incorporating a magical tango dance that sweeps the viewers away as they embark on their love journey and wraps it up.

 After a long career in writing and directing TV shows only, Nasser Al Faqih shifts his career path and taps into creating a story clip, with his eye on promoting Yara and her new song first. 

City Centre Beirut, the city’s leading social destination, is keen on providing great moments for everyone every day, so contributing to Yara and Adel’s great moments in “Ma Baaref” Clip only came natural and was in fact an added privilege.

City Centre Beirut continues to transform daily routines of all family members into great experiences from shopping, to watching the latest movie releases and enjoying other entertainment facilities. 

“Ma Baaref” is a song written by Nizar Francis and composed by Jean-Marie Riachi. The music video is produced by Rooftop, Watari and T Music Production.