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City Centre Beirut Makes a Difference this Holy Month of Ramadan

City Centre Beirut was the ultimate destination for families and friends, both young and old, during the holy month of Ramadan.


City Centre Beirut was the ultimate destination for families and friends, both young and old, during the holy month of Ramadan. Customers who walked into City Centre Beirut were able to carry the spirit of charity and generosity through the multiple activations that shed light on the importance of compassion, self-reflection, and celebration.

Visitors were mesmerized by the artwork that transformed City Centre Beirut, and made guests feel like they had walked into “Arabian Nights”, with lanterns, calligraphy and arabesque motifs taking over the space. The entire mall in addition to its trademark “C” was exclusively designed with the beautiful Mashrabiya, an essential feature of Arabic culture which perfected the Ramadan theme.

To highlight the importance of giving, “Make a Difference” donation boxes were placed at City Centre Beirut, inspiring customers to support underprivileged communities and give generously. Customers were encouraged to contribute essentials such as clothes, books, food, mobile phones, and other such items that would greatly benefit the ones who need it most. At the end of the month of Ramadan, the boxes were given to Caritas Lebanon, the humanitarian and development organization working for a fairer world.

Ramadan is also a time to strengthen ties with families and friends, a time to gather around, break their fast, and listen to tales of brave deeds, wisdom and wonder. Renowned celebrity Al Thoumy of MTV’s program “Min Al?” attended the mall every day, and shared the traditional Ramadan stories with children who were keen to learn about the holy month. Children, along with their parents, sat back and relaxed in the exclusively and beautifully designed Ramadan-themed mall.

Leading a healthy lifestyle and improving physical well-being has always been an important factor for City Centre Beirut, and it is especially important when fasting during Ramadan. Therefore, City Centre Beirut thought it vital to make sure people are eating right during the holy season. A health corner was placed at the mall, where a professional nutritionist offered health tips and answered queries in order to make sure everyone follows a healthy diet. The health corner not only benefits guests throughout the month of Ramadan, but in their everyday lives as well.

Commenting on this occasion, Sleiman Mallat, Senior Mall Manager at City Centre Beirut stated: "Ramadan is a time for reflection, self-development and giving, but it is also a time for celebration and entertainment. We wanted to highlight all those characteristics at City Centre Beirut throughout the month, helping our customers embrace the spirit of Ramadan and the importance of giving back.”

At the end of the month, City Centre Beirut invited around 100 children from different SOS villages in Lebanon for an exclusive Iftar at the mall’s amazing food court, creating great moments for each and every one of its guests. Children were invited to enter City Centre Beirut’s Magic Planet for an hour full of fun, games and attractions, before joining in to break their fast at an Iftar that offered a universal message of compassion and hope.

And if all that were not enough, City Centre Beirut boomed in a 3-day Eid celebration packed with entertainment, guaranteeing extraordinary fun for families and friends. In addition to the traditional Arabic hospitality across the mall, entertainment included traditional dance performances like the whirling dervishes and other oriental band performances.

City Centre Beirut always looks for unique opportunities to strengthen ties with its communities and spread joy where it can.