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City Centre Beirut Supports Bassma’s Campaign

In the framework of Bassma NGO’s World Family Day campaign, City Centre Beirut invited Bassma Families to spend a memorable day at City Centre Beirut.


Following the first World Family Day campaign launched by Bassma from May 15th till May 31st, City Centre Beirut organized a lunch on Friday July 3rd, at Ahwak restaurant, gathering 52 family members in a warm atmosphere, and offered each family a gift card to spend great moments at the mall. The kids also received surprise gifts from City Centre Beirut and had the chance to enjoy a special animation at Magic Planet.

Sandra Klat Abdelnour, Bassma’s Founder and President, expressed her gratitude towards City Centre Beirut initiative and said: “In a job like ours, we become part of something much bigger than we could ever imagine, and such great and generous initiatives, like the one City Centre Beirut is offering today, makes us stronger and supports us to become able to help more families. On days like today, we make a step further towards one of our goals, which is making every day a World Family Day.”

In his turn, Sleiman Mallat, Senior Mall Manager at City Centre Beirut said: “The children are our future and we are committed to support NGOs like Bassma in their exceptional work to ensure that children are getting the care and education they need to succeed in their future.” Mallat then concluded: “We are very proud to be part of this family empowerment campaign and to be able to draw smiles on these faces. It is been our pleasure to have these families and kids among us today at the City Centre Beirut.”

In such a heartwarming mood, the attendees enjoyed great moments and the kids had the chance to do fun activities and play games at the Magic Planet which made this day memorable for all.