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Discover a wealth of jewellery and watches for every occasion at City Centre Beirut. You will find expert advisers and prices to suit every budget. Plus, there is plenty of hassle-free parking available, allowing you to focus solely on your shopping experience. From engagement rings and wedding bands, earrings to Swiss watches, there is something for everyone at City Centre Beirut.

ASSI is a superb place to start where you will find a specialist, family-run business featuring top-end diamond jewellery. Browse the extensive array of diamond rings and choose your favourite. Atamian is an accessible one-stop-shop for both jewels and watches. Take a look at the latest fashion watches for women alongside a beautiful collection of men’s watches. Romance Time is an emporium of watches and wristwear featuring leading designer brands such as DKNY, Adidas and Armani. If you are seeking high-end jewellery, then be sure to visit Rossonero, an elite international jeweller and timepiece designer. Whether you are looking for wedding rings or a unique necklace, there is something to match your desires. If you are looking for Swiss-made ladies watches, then look no further than Rovina (Omorfia) where international designers follow the ever-changing fashion trends.

Take a look below to discover the jewellery and watches stores at City Centre Beirut.

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